Conductive Thread 2M/6M

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Conductive Thread 2M/6M

Conductive thread is made to be used as your standard sewing yarn, however, this type is electrically conductive, enabling you to create powered e-textile projects! Nano plated with silver, the thread has very low resistance (usually around 40-60 ohms per meter) depending on the thread tension. As the e-textile is washed, the silver plating will degrade slightly, giving you a higher resistance value of around 280 ohms on average.
Resistance does not vary significantly from one length of thread to the next, so you should be able to use this thread without concern for "dead" sections.
The conductive thread has a breaking strain of around 9.3 pounds (4.2 kilos). It comprises roughly 96 individual filaments, each coated with a micron-thick layer of natural silver. This plating of the yarn is done in Europe to ensure as high a quality finish as possible. In construction, 16 of these filaments are wound together to form an initial twist; two of these twists are then twisted together, and finally, three of these twists are combined to form the finished thread. The conductive thread is approximately 18 denier. It is heavier than a regular sewing thread, but not as heavy as an upholstery thread. It can be sewn on most domestic sewing machines using either a regular needle or the next size up. This thread does not fray.

Conductive Thread Features:

  • No (or very low) fray
  • Conductivity = approximately 40Ω per metre (12.2Ω per foot)
  • Count = 875 dTex
  • Strength 3000 cN
  • Elongation at break = 37%
  • Twist = 240Z-380S

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