ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier Range

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  • ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier
  • ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier with headers
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  • ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier with headers
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  • ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier with headers
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ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier Range

The ACS724 current sensor carrier board range by Pololu are breakout boards for Allegro’s ACS724 Hall effect-based linear current sensors. Operating from 4.5 V to 5.5 V  for use in 5 V systems. Each board comes with a 3 pin male breakaway headers 0.1".  Allow us to highlight some of the key features of these boards!

  • Differential Hall sensing rejects common-mode fields, the orientation of the sensor relative to the Earth’s magnetic field does not affect the measurement
  • The conductive path internal resistance is typically 1.2 mΩ, and the PCB is made with 2-oz copper, so very little power is lost in the board.
  • Use of a Hall effect sensor means the IC is able to electrically isolate the current path from the sensor’s electronics (up to 2.4 kV RMS), which allows the sensor to be inserted anywhere along the current path and to be used in applications that require electrical isolation.
  • High 120 kHz bandwidth for faster response times in control applications.
  • Filter pin allows the user to filter the output for improved resolution at lower bandwidth.
  • Integrated digital temperature compensation circuitry allows for near closed loop accuracy over temperature in an open loop sensor.
  • Automotive-grade operating temperature range of -40°C to 150°C.

The sensor has five required connections: the input current (IP+ and IP-), logic power (VCC and GND), and the sensor output (OUT).
 ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier
The sensor requires a supply voltage of 4.5 V to 5.5 V to be connected across the VCC and GND pads, which are labeled on the bottom silkscreen, and the sensor outputs an analog voltage that is linearly proportional to the input current.
The FILTER pin allows you to adjust the board’s bandwidth by adding a capacitor, CF, to ground (for convenience, a ground pad has been added next to the FILTER pin) in parallel with the 1 nF capacitor that is already on the board. The bandwidth is 120 kHz ,without any external filter capacitor. Please reference the datasheet below for more information on how the external filter capacitor affects bandwidth.
You can insert the board into your current path in a variety of ways. For low-current applications, you can solder 0.1″ male header pins to the board via the smallest pair of through-holes on the input-current side of the board. For higher-current applications, you can solder wires directly to the through-holes that best match your wires, or you can use solderless ring terminal connectors. The largest pair of through-holes are big enough for #6 screws.
ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier


Allegro ACS724 current sensor datasheet (1MB pdf)
Dimension diagram of the ACS7x4 Current Sensor Carriers (323k pdf)
3D model of the ACS7x4 Current Sensor Carriers (3MB step)
Drill guide for ACS7x4/ACS715 Current Sensor Carriers (42k dxf)
This DXF drawing shows the locations of all of the board’s holes.


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