ADH8066 Evaluation Board (CEL-10741)

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ADH8066 Evaluation Board - Sparkfun CEL-10741 Discontinued

Retired Product
This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

The evaluation board for the ADH8066 Cell Module breaks out all the pins to the module and provides you with the necessary support hardware to get you up and running. The ADH8066 board attaches to any USB port and appears as a standard com port. Power up the board with 6-12 VDC, turn on the module, and you can start sending and receiving AT commands via HyperTerminal or your favorite terminal program.

The board comes assembled as shown so you don't need to mess with soldering the 50-pin narrow pitch connector. We've also added pull-down resistors to the LED circuits and moved around some traces and solder jumpers to be compatible with hardware flow control.

Note: To turn the unit ON to send commands, the ON/OFF button must be held down during power-up until the 'Command' LED comes on. See datasheet below for more information.

Note: Some USB ports cannot source enough current to power the ADH8066 module. If the power supply is inadequate, the module may shut down while attempting to connect to the cellular network. An external power supply will correct this problem if it is experienced.

ADH8066 ATC commands manual

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