Day of the Geek, STEM Education Badge Kit Range

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Day of the Geek, STEM Education Badge Kit Range – Soldering Badge Kit Range

Learning to solder is an important skill for any budding engineer, hence we have created a range of practical STEM education soldering product’s to make this a fun learning experience. Because this is such a vital skill we have also created the Soldering for Beginners course within our Learning Academy. Enroll Today!

Our Day of the Geek range is one of our most popular STEM education products, aimed at getting people of all ages to pick up soldering irons and making. The inspiration for our Geeky Day of the Geek soldering badge kit came from Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.

We’ve taken the Day of the Dead motif, then given it our full geek flavour for a fun and educational STEM/STEAM experience, but our favourite part of the design is the Ohms Law Nose.

This simple kit will take approximately 5 to 15 minutes to assemble with only basic soldering skills and equipment. We’ve designed these kits so that anyone aged 5 and upwards can build them, although young people should always be supervised when using Soldering Irons. Because these can be or at least should be very HOT!!!


  • 1 Skull PCB
  • 2 Red LEDs
  • 1 CR2032 Battery holder
  • 1 Pin back

Tools Required:


Our guide can be found on our website by following the Q code link on your packaging, or via this link to our build tutorial  How to assemble.

Proto-Pic are all about education, making, creating and we stock a wide range of STEM education product ‘s. That is why we love to follow the tweets online and find out who’s wearing our cool badge’s. Hint hint!

1 review for Day of the Geek, STEM Education Badge Kit Range

  1. John Lowe

    A very clever design. The pattern on the PCB shows little components like ICs and even has a reference to ohms law in the middle.
    My 10 year old son has lots of fun making it, and although it doesn’t have an on/off switch the battery seemed to last forever!

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