Mux Shield II - I/O Expansion for Arduino (DEV-11723)

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  • Mux Shield II - I/O Expansion for Arduino (DEV-11723)
  • Mux Shield II - I/O Expansion for Arduino (DEV-11723) dimension
  • Mux Shield II - I/O Expansion for Arduino (DEV-11723) rear
  • Mux Shield II - I/O Expansion for Arduino (DEV-11723) front


Mux Shield II - I/O Expansion for Arduino (DEV-11723)

This I/O bus expansion shield for Arduino is a super easy way to massively increase your available inputs and or outputs on your Arduino. This Mux Shield II has been developed by Mayhew Labs and adds up to 48 analog and digital inputs or digital outputs to and from your Arduino board.
The Mux Shield II  has all of its I/O pins at one end of the board, so hook up a ribbon wire or similar cable solution for tidy routing of signals. This also gets the pins out of the way so that the Mux Shield can be in the middle of a stack, with a shield on top of it, and you can still get to the I/O pins.

Board Layout Layout:

The pins on the board are arranged in 3 rows of 16.  Each row can be individually set as a digital input, a digital output, or an analog input all from within the Arduino sketch. There is a solder jumper on the bottom of the board that allows enables this particular software control feature to be switched off, meaning that the functionality of each row can be hardwired, freeing up the associated Arduino pins for other shields in the stack.
The shield comes without any headers so be sure to pick up some stackable shield headers!


  • Control up to 48 Pins from your Arduino!
  • Multiple modes:
    • Analog Input
    • Digital Input
    • Digital Output
  • Solder Jumpers for Hard-Wired Mode Select
  • Arduino Library and Example Code Available

Mux Shield II Schematic:

MUX II Shield Schematic Diagram


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