UHF RFID Ring Antenna, u.FL (SPX-15113)

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  • UHF RFID Ring Antenna, u.FL
  • UHF RFID Ring Antenna, u.FL
  • UHF RFID Ring Antenna, u.FL


UHF RFID Ring Antenna, u.FL - Sparkfun SPX-15113 Discontinued

Eager to try out our new Ultra-small UHF RFID Rain Tags it quickly became apparent that the trace antenna on the M6E Nano Shield wasn't going to cut it so we based a board on Murata's reference design. So born was the UHF RFID Ring Antenna! This antenna does one thing and does it well - increasing the effective range of the Rain tags from (effectively) zero to about one inch. Ask any mathematician and they'll tell you that's a very good return!
This antenna is intended to be used in the UHF band (902MHz to 928MHz) and the U.FL connector makes it easy to connect to the M6E Nano or most other compatible RF products using a U.FL connector. You can even use two through-hole locations to solder in place strain protection for the cable.

UHF RFID Ring Antenna Features:

  • 902 to 928 MHz UHF RFID compatibility
  • 1" read range for Murata Rain tags
  • U.FL connector with solderable strain reflief
  • Qwiic mounting hole pattern

Antenna Schematic:


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