SparkFun Audio Amplifier Kit – STA540

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Brand: SparkFun
Part Number: KIT-09612
SKU: PPKIT-09612
Barcode: 845156006144

The SparkFun Audio Amplifier Kit has been created to exploit the powerful STA540 integrated circuit. The kit comes as a bag of parts, enabling you to build your own amp from the ground up (meaning you will have to solder everything to the PCB!). When built, you will have a fully fledged, two channel audio amplifier, including standby switch, full volume control and indicator LEDs.

Lastly, the kit comes with a 6400BG heatsink to ensure the dissipation of any heat produced by the amplifier. The STA540 is configured to draw power within 8 to 22V directly from the kits supply and will reach an ouput of 2x 38W (4Ω at 18V).

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